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Our mission is to connect today's exceptional artists with the future virtuosos. Through our distinguished world-renowned instructors, you'll embark on an extraordinary musical journey.

At our academy, you'll receive specific lessons from musical luminaries who have graced prestigious stages worldwide. Their invaluable insights and unwavering dedication will propel you towards greatness.

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Master classical music with the experts themselves. Gain exclusive insights into their practice methods, problem-solving skills, and creative processes.

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Empowering gifted students from different corners of the world to unite, collaborate, and collectively enhance their musical abilities.

Belong to our community

Empowering gifted students from different corners of the world to unite, collaborate, and collectively enhance their musical abilities.

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Opening doors to elite education for all, offering a democratic platform that transcends traditional constraints.

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"I would rate Elizabeth Faidley’s course 10 out of 10. Amazing to listen to her. Her passion is contagious. If you want to be a great violin teacher, I recommend 100% to watch her course."

Carla Peña

Professional chamber musician

"I wasn’t expecting to get so many insights. I have been around for 3 months and I am ready for more. It is definitely engaging to hear from major artists about their personal experience."

Danilo Mascetti

Member of the International Piano Academy Lake Como

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We understand that you may have some questions about our academy: here, you'll find answers to queries regarding the types of courses we offer, who can benefit from them, how to access them, and more.

Who can I contact if I have a question about a course?

Throughout the course you will have different ways of contact with our team, in case you have questions about the course, the technique of theinstrument, or a doubt about the practice, do not hesitate to send a message to contact@mfuture.com.

What does the subscription entitle me to?

The subscription makes you part of our community, you will have the right to access all the advantages of our platform according to the service you purchase.

What kind of Master Classes do you offer?

We offer violin and viola Master Classes. More instruments are planned in the future.

What makes M-Future special?

We understand the context of being an artist and how complicated it can be to receive truly useful and valuable training. We are the way to get real access to the great exponents of classical music. We teach from experience and break hierarchical and geographical barriers.

Will your catalog of Master Classes grow?

Yes, of course! We will keep bringing your favorite new artists, and get more lessons from the ones we already have on the platform! We add two to three new Master Classes every month.

Can my family watch the Master Classes?

Yes, if they do it on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

What is the advantage of studying online?

You can access from anywhere in the world and adjust to the schedules you need. You can interact with teachers all over the world and share classeswith students from all over the world who share the same passion and dreams.

May I contact my teacher?

It is a future goal. It is in our plans. We believe in the power of learning directly from experienced musicians, so it is a goal for us to open those avenues of communication.

Who is M-Future?

A pioneer and a leader in the online teaching of classical music, the ( r )evolution in the teaching of classical music, a space for contact between students and teachers, not only academic training, but also life training, learning from the real experience of the best to forge a clearer and more sustainable future.

What’s next for M-Future?

At M-Future, we're focused on creating a vibrant community of artists and students who can learn and grow together. Our goal is to provide an exciting and truly useful online learning experience, with a focus on expanding our reach and impact in the virtual world.

Any other question?

We will get back to you ASAP.